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BDϟH - BrandNewHayley
Hi, This is BrandNewϟHayley
a Paramore Tumblr dedicated as you can see, just pick up a sound from our playlist and Make yourself confortable. We're not at the end but Oh we already won ♪♥♪----------------------------- -About Me: They call me Sonny, I'm male, 21 Yr Old, from Brasil, Parawhore as well. Headbang is Crucial ;) BrandNewHayley ♥ followers Parawhore(s) Online contador de visitas

Daytona Internacional Speedway from Above! ✈️🔰 #boravoar #KDAB #Daytonabeach #DaytonaApproach #Florida #avgeek (at Daytona Intl Speedway)

Mantenha a fé, continue trabalhando duro e grandes coisas virão. ✈️🔰#pilotlife #studyhard #flyhigh #citation #turksandcaicos #corporatepilot
Keep the faith, keep working hard and great things will come.
(at Providenciales Airport - Turks and Caicos)


really kewl peopl3

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"It shouldn’t be that crazy for a girl to be in a band. I think girls have a really different point of view, obviously, than guys when we write lyrics or when we write music. But I think girls are so strong and girls can play music and guitars and drums and sing just as loud or as well as the boys.”

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(Ormond Beach Spotting) Is like a walking in the Park.✈️☀️ #tbs #ormondbeach #pilotlife (at Rockefeller Gardens)

July 9, 2014|Noblesville, Indiana

July 9, 2014|Noblesville, Indiana

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Now: color analysis


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Always ✈️☀️☁️⚡️ #quotes

Always Watch out for Terrain!! ✈️🔰 #flysafe #bushpilots #pilotlife #commercialpilot #guyana #sygo

O Mundo é Dos Espertos, Mas O Céu é Dos Escolhidos.✈️🔰 #boravoar #pilotlife #flysunrise
🇺🇸 The World’s Smartest Of But Heaven is the chosen ones.